discharge student loans

Generally student loans are not discharged in bankrupty. There are exceptions. Student Loans may be discharged under certain circumstances

Does a bankruptcy discharge student loans?

In most cases student loans are not discharged in Bankruptcy. There is a limited exception where having to pay the student loan would result in an undue hardship. Whether the student loan imposes an undue hardship depends on whether, based on your income and expenses, you would be able to afford making payments on the student loans during the repayment period. The rules can be tricky, and discharging student loans usually requires litigating the issue. It might be good to have an affordable bankruptcy lawyer on your side if you need to declare your student loans dischargeable.

In rare cases, private student loans may be discharged depending on how and when the student loan was taken. Loans taken during schooling but not for educational purposes may be discharged. It requires litigating the issue and delving deeply into the loan date, loan amount, and loan use. If you live in Elizabethton, Johnson City, or surrounding areas and have private student loans, contact an attorney for a free consultation to see whether your student loans may be declared dischargeable.

Since determining whether the student loans are discharged is a complicated area of bankruptcy, you may need the advice of an attorney. If you need an affordable bankruptcy attorney in ElizabethtonJohnson City, Kingsport, or surrounding areas, we can help you discuss options to relieve your student loan debt. There are options to reduce your student loan burden if not discharge them completely. 

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