Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Filing Bankruptcy requires two credit counseling courses. Find out how and where to take your Bankruptcy credit counseling courses

Credit counseling

In order to file for Bankruptcy, you will be required to take a credit counseling course and obtain a certificate of credit counseling from an approved agency. 

This certificate is your ticket to ride. If you don’t have your certificate, your Bankruptcy case may be subject to immediate dismissal and you won’t get a Bankruptcy discharge.

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What is a Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course?

In 2005 Congress enacted a law requiring individuals who file Bankruptcy to take a credit counseling course before filing and a course in financial management after filing but before receiving a discharge. 

The Credit Counseling Course must be taken by a certified debt relief agency. When you receive your certificate of completion you will be eligible to file or receive a discharge.

The course takes around 2 hours to complete and may be taken online or over the phone at a agency such as access counseling. Your certificate is good for 180 days which means you must file your Bankruptcy within that time limit

The Credit Counseling Course costs between $15 and $50 from an agency so it is important to find which agency best suits your needs. In certain cases the fee may be waived if you can show the agency financial hardship.

Where Can I Take a Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course?

The Credit Counseling and Financial Management Courses can be taken online or over the phone with a debt relief agency approved by the Department of Justice. Some of these agencies include:

Access Counseling

First Bankruptcy Course

Money Sharp

If you need more information on why you need to take a credit counseling course, or where and how to take a course, contact an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in ElizabethtonJohnson City, Kingsport or surrounding areas in Northeast Tennessee who can give you additional information on a credit counseling course.

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