how do i file chapter 7?

You can file Chapter 7 on your own by taking the proper forms to the nearest Bankruptcy court. You may need assistance with an attorney to file Chapter 7.

How to file chapter 7 bankruptcy

The process of filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the process of filling out forms and having supporting documents. The forms to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are available at the US Courts Website. The forms consist of the voluntary petition, which sets out your name, address, and your type of filing; the supporting schedules about your financial affairs, income, assets, and debts; and other information.

Before filing your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you must remember to take a Bankruptcy Credit Counseling Course. If you do not take a credit counseling course your Bankruptcy may be automatically subject to dismissal.

After you have filled out the forms, signed them, and taken your credit counseling course, your Bankruptcy forms are ready to be filed. You can file them by taking them to the nearest Bankruptcy clerk near your. If you are in Elizabethton or northeast Tennessee, the nearest Bankruptcy clerk is in Greeneville.

You will be required to attend a meeting of creditors about 40 days after your Bankruptcy is filed. The meeting of creditors is an opportunity for a Bankruptcy trustee and creditors to ask questions about the forms you filled out.

For almost all Chapter 7 cases, the process ends after your meeting of creditors and you receive your discharge about 70 days after the meeting date. If you believe your case may be more difficult or if you need help with these processes it may be important for you to discuss with an attorney.

For most individuals, the process can be complicated and time consuming and it would be advisable to seek the help from an attorney. If you are in ElizabethtonJohnson City, Kingsport, or surrounding areas in Tennessee and need the advice from an affordable bankruptcy lawyer, let me know. I offer free consultations and can explain the process for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.


Need Help Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy without the assistance of an affordable bankruptcy lawyer can be grueling. Filing requires putting together pages and pages of forms, and avoiding potential pitfalls that could cause you to lose your property. If you believe you need to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy but need help filing, let Cisowski Law know. We make filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy simple and affordable.

If you are in ElizabethtonJohnson CityKingsport, or surrounding areas in Northeast Tennessee and need help filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Cisowski Law can help. We can explain the how, when, and where to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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