Do You need a bankruptcy Lawyer?

You might benefit from a Bankruptcy lawyer if you want to fully use your rights against your debt. Speak for free with a Bankruptcy lawyer to find out about filing near you.

Do you need a Lawyer?

Many Bankruptcy matters can be routine and you may be able to file a Chapter 7 or 13 on your own. However, some cases have complex legal issues that involve knowledge of property, family, personal injury, and many other types of law. You may want an affordable bankruptcy lawyer near you to help you through the process. If you believe you need bankruptcy help let us know. You may benefit from speaking with a lawyer for free to see whether you could benefit from legal help. Filling out your Bankruptcy forms, and following all procedures can be difficult. Most lawyers in Elizabethton, Johnson City and surrounding areas are willing to schedule a free consultation to see if filing a bankruptcy is in your best interest. If you want to call my office in Elizabethton, I am here to help. Call or click for a free appointment to speak with an affordable bankruptcy and debt relief lawyer to help with your Bankruptcy process.

What Can I expect from a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

A Bankruptcy lawyer has filed many cases before and is familiar with the forms and procedures. If you are in Elizabethton, Johnson City, or surrounding areas, I am willing to meet with you for free and talk about strategies on getting out of debt affordably and conveniently. Many Bankruptcy lawyers in your area are likely also familiar with the creditors and other members of the debtor-creditor community. Hiring a lawyer gives you the upper hand in resolving your debt issues.

Filing out the Bankruptcy forms can be tedious and difficult. A lawyer will help you along the way in preparing the forms and filing your case. A Bankruptcy Lawyer will also explain the process in depth and give you some peace of mind while you get out of debt.

If you find the right bankruptcy lawyer in Elizabethton, you can expect affordable costs that are tailored to your specific need. Cisowski Law offers quick and affordable debt relief solutions in Elizabethton.

If you live in Carter, Washington, Sullivan, Unicoi, or Jefferson County, come in for a free consultation. We can help you get a fresh start without having to drive many miles to see the nearest specialized lawyer. Cisowski Law offers affordable solutions to get out of debt in Elizabethton, Johnson City, and surrounding areas. Call or click for a free appointment with a lawyer near you.

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Cisowski Law Bankruptcy Services

We can help you get a fresh start by filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A is a total discharge of any personal liability on your debts. You won’t be required to pay medical bills, loans, credit cards and more.

If you are falling behind a need help invoking your right to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and get out of debt, let us know.

Cisowski Law can help you put together a Chapter 13 plan together to square away your debts. We help reorganize your car, house, and unsecured debts.

If you need help repaying your debts, let us know. We can help you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay your debts in a way that works with your budget.

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Bankruptcy Quick Basics

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a total discharge of your debts. If you are eligible you can keep most or all of your assets including cars and home and get rid of most or all of your debts. The Discharge will relieve you of any personal obligation of the debt. You will be protected from the Bankruptcy court’s discharge order. If a creditor tries to collect after your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, they can be heavily penalized. In Johnson City, you file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Greeneville. A bankruptcy attorney near you will be able to prepare your Chapter 7 and file your forms and represent you in Greeneville.

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A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a repayment plan for debtors with regular income. This means that if you have income and debts, then a Chapter 13 will get you back on track by binding your creditors to a plan of repaying your debts over the course of 3 or 5 years. After you pay a portion of your debts through your plan you receive your bankruptcy discharge. In Johnson City, you file your Chapter 13 in Greeneville and pay your plan through a trustee in Knoxville. Cisowski Law is a bankruptcy attorney near you and can help file your Chapter 13.

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The automatic stay is an automatic court order entered when a debtor files bankruptcy. The order states clearly that any attempts to a collect a debt are suspended. If a creditor violates the automatic stay they are subject to penalties. The Automatic Stay is very powerful. It can stop lawsuits, garnishments, repossessions, and foreclosures. 

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The bankruptcy discharge is a court order that releases a debtor from any debt obligation. It is the ultimate goal for filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The creditor will be violating the discharge and subject to punishment if they attempt to collect a debt after the debtor receives a discharge.

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In 2005 Congress enacted a law requiring individuals who file Bankruptcy to take a credit counseling course before filing and a course in financial management after filing but before receiving a discharge. 

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Filing bankruptcy requires you to fill out your bankruptcy forms and submit the to the Bankruptcy Court in Greeneville. There are a number of procedural requirements for filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Cisowski Law is a bankruptcy attorney near you and can assist you with filing your bankruptcy case.